Grasshopper Mile CD Campaign

Welcome to the Kickstarter campaign for my new CD –

“Grasshopper Mile.”

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I have recorded 11 new songs that celebrate life and death and all the dreams we have in-between.

Titles include some of my most requested songs: “Leave this World” a song I co-wrote with Melissa Greener, “Angus McDonald” a song inspired by an obituary and the title song “Grasshopper Mile” co-written with Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay.

To all you wonderful fans who’ve come to live shows, the production is going to be very stripped down and bare bones. 

So all I am adding are the fabulous harmonies of Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay. Templeton and Sam are not only 2 of my favorite people on the planet, they are also fantastic songwriters, musicians and performers themselves. 

Sam Gay, who is co-producing and engineering will add a few splashes of guitar and mandolin.

I am so proud and profoundly connected to these songs, I feel this new CD is going to be one of my best yet. 

It would mean the world to me to have you become involved with the making of Grasshopper Mile! 

Your pre-orders and participation will allow me to cover manufacturing and production costs. In exchange I am offering hand written lyrics, a Skype session, a youtube dedication from me and personalized song written for you, along with a signed CD!

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It’s my hope that with your involvement, I can finish this CD and deliver it into your hands and eventually into your heart!

I am so very blessed to have all my incredible friends and fans who’ve embraced my music all these years!

It fills me with such joy to write, sing, and record my songs. I can’t believe I’ve been able to spend my life doing it. But here I am and it’s all because of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and for listening.